Friday, 21 June 2013

SQL Server 2012 Policy Management

Policy management: How to create a new policy

  • Open SSMS and connect to the desired server with the account which has SysAdmin Privileges
  • navigate to policies as shown below

  • Right click on policies and click New policy..
    1. Fill the policy Name field
    2. In check condition select new condition… which will take you to a new window as shown in the figure below

  • Fill the following fields according to the below table

Policy name
Backup compression
Maximum Memory

Step 2: Procedure to evaluate the policy on a single server

  • Right click on the desired policy and click on Evaluate as shown below
  • Immediately you will get the result window, which looks like the below image where you can see the policy is passed or not. You can see the details as well

  • Procedure to evaluate a policy on multiple servers

  • Open SSMS, go to view and click on Registered Servers, you will get new window to register more servers

  • Right click on Local Server Groups and click on New Server Registration and enter the respective name and click save

  • Repeat the above step till you add all the desired servers

  • Right click on the server group and click on Evaluate Policies

  • Select the source machine where the policies are configured

  • It will show the complete list of policies available, select the desired policies and click Evaluate

  • It will provide output as shown below, where you can export the results

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