Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Google Hangout on Air

Google Hangout on Air lets you Broadcast your live Hangout On Air on Google+, your YouTube channel and website, and share the public recording once you're done.

Points before Hangout

  1. Good camera and Microphone
  2. Fastest machine
  3. Connection through LAN cable (To avoid random blur in Video)
  4. Proper Background and Lighting
  5. Join all invites in a Circle before the session
  6. YouTube archiving begins after broadcasting. Nothing happens before that
  7. Everyone involve in the Hangout needs to mute their microphone
  8. If screen sharing, clean the desktop
  9. 4 hours recording limit
  10. Don’t start the video during broadcast, you can’t hear the Voice on screen share
  11. The URL for a Hangout On Air becomes available only when you actually start it. That means that you cannot publicize the URL ahead of time.
Instead, publicize either the URL for your YouTube channel or the URL for your Google+ page. When your Hangout On Air starts, it will be visible at the top of those two locations.
  1. Verify your YouTube account first before Hangout. You can use your maqsoftware.net id for the same


Step By Step process of Broadcasting your Video live!

  1. Log into Google+ and click on the Hangout button in the right-hand sidebar. Give the Hangout a name and invite people (you can invite people individually or invite entire circles).
Click the radio button next to Enable Hangouts On Air. If you don’t do this, you will not broadcast and the video will not be saved.
  1. You will then be prompted to agree to Google’s Terms of Service. You only have to do that the first time you use Hangouts On Air.


  1. Once the people you have invited “arrive,” you are ready to broadcast to the world. Click the big red Start Broadcast button in the upper right corner, and you are live!

  1. When you begin the broadcast, the Hangout will appear in your Google+ stream, and you can get the link by right-clicking the timestamp at the top of the post.
This is the link you want to share in order to promote it.
  1. Make sure to keep an eye on your YouTube channel as it will broadcast live there as well

  1. If the session is not yet broadcasted, other users will see the link like shown below.

  1. Normally, Google will automatically move whoever is speaking to the main window. The originator of the Hangout is able to click on a person’s pane to bring them into the big window for the viewers.
  2. When you end the broadcast, the broadcasted video will be automatically saved. Uploaded video can be watched later


Customizing your YouTube channel

  1. Log into YouTube using your ID and click on My Channel as shown

  1. Click on Channel Settings as shown

  1. Go to Info and Settings and change the Channel URL as shown
Note: You can customize your Channel URL only once!!

Let me know in case of any issues/ doubts

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